5 Advantages of Masturbation

5 Advantages of Masturbation

Let’s talk pleasure.

A large part of experiencing sexual pleasure is knowing how your body works, what you like, what you don’t like as well as what your boundaries are. A great way to figure this out is through masturbation! There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with masturbating. In fact, we encourage it. It’s natural, and actually contributes to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Today, we breakdown five reasons why masturbation is good for you.

1. May help with period cramps

Okay, so this might sound like a long shot but it’s true! It’s possible that masturbation can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort from menstruating. The hormones (dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) that are released when masturbating are the body’s “feel-good” hormones and neurotransmitters, which can help lessen pain for a while.

2. Improves sleep

Masturbation can help quiet the mind, which is something so many people struggle with when trying to fall asleep. If you orgasm, the hormones serotonin and noradrenaline are released which contributes to deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep is critical for improving the quality of sleep overall and feeling properly rested.

3. It can reduce stress

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, masturbation can quiet the mind which means it can also reduce stress and anxiety. If an orgasm takes place cortisol levels decrease because of the release of oxytocin. This decreases stress because cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone.

4. It has the potential to improve your skin

The release of estrogen when masturbating contributes to healthier skin and hair. Because masturbation can reduce stress, it can also reduce the body’s different reactions to stress such as producing a lot of sweat or acne.

5. The relationship with your body improves

This is probably the most important benefit of them all! Masturbation can increase your self-awareness, body-awareness, confidence overall and especially your bodily confidence. This can be life-changing, especially in a world that’s constantly trying to shame us for the the way our body’s look. You’ll begin to appreciate your body for all that it does, all that it is and your relationship with yourself (the most important relationship of all) will shift drastically.

Written by Jamie Peterson, Sheba Feminine


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