our impact

at Aurora Wellbeing we believe that no one should be held back by a something as natural and normal as a period. period!

for every sale we make we pledge to donate period products to support the beneficiaries of The CORA Project.

why period poverty? in South Africa, 30% of female learners are unable to attend school when menstruating because they lack access to period products and facilities or feel shame and face stigmatisation about their periods. not only does this violate their basic human rights, it also limits their economic progress and perpetuates gender inequalities.

The CORA Project is a women-led npo that tackles period poverty in South Africa, through education, access and activism. The CORA Project seeks to break barriers, change negative social norms and eliminate period stigma and shaming, so that menstruators can manage their periods safely, with dignity and be empowered to reach their full potential.

For every purchase made on our site, we give back to The CORA Project!