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Organic tampons: Excellent product

These organic tampons are perfect & have no adverse effects like mainstream brand products.
What's more, the customer service is stellar, complete with a handwritten note. Love it! ❤️

First time trying

So I have just tried mine recently for the first time, but I'm ordering another pair...initially I wanted to try this in an attempt to go green - did not expect it to be so comfy. Really a game changer! Gonna update about the longevity of a pair.

Dry Body Brush
Giorgia Mann
A must have!

This dry brush has really helped me reduce cellulite around my thighs. I saw results from a few uses in a couple of weeks! Also super great for athletes looking for an accessible form of recovery by stimulating blood flow through the body!

So handy!

I’ve never really known what to sterilise my mooncup in so this product is perfect. The fact that it folds away into practically nothing is fantastic because it’s easily transportable. The material feels durable and like it’ll last a lifetime.
Huge fan of this steriliser and Aurora Wellbeing for all things women’s health!

Excellent product! Highly recommended

Excellent products, highly recommended. Only two days of use and product is like magic! Thank you Aurora for the great service!

A game changer!

Absolutely loved this product! I used to boil my cup in a pot on the stove and often got lots of questions about it which made me quite embarrassed, by using this product it’s a lot quicker and it feels more private

In love with this product 🩷

I absolutely adore my Menstrual Cup Steriliser. This has made my menstrual cup routine so easy and so much more convenient. I highly recommend it to any menstrual cup users. Thank you Aurora Wellbeing!

such a game changer!

the menstrual cup sterilizer is a game-changer.
it’s so easy to use; adds a splash of color to your routine, and i got it shipped and delivered quite quickly when i ordered. i highly recommended! 💓😊

Best menstrual cup sterilizer

What an amazing product!!!! It’s so simple to use and definitely the best menstrual cup sterilizer on the market.


I absolutely love this menstrual cup steriliser ! Super high quality annd not flimsy like other brands, and so convenient to pop into a bag when travelling!

Water-Soluble CBD Powder Sachets
Best sleep!

Struggle with sleep and anxiety - these do the trick! Aurora Wellbeing is also the last place I could find these sachets as Goodleaf is closing down!


Lovely taste hope help my hormones balance out also wonder sale Progesterone cream

The best ceremonial grade matcha there is!

The best tasting matcha out there! It comes with a stable burst of energy (and not the usual jittery caffeine high). I would hands down recommend this brand to anyone wanting to try matcha!

Mamma Nursing Tea
Tyra Customer
Nursing Tea Review

I absolutely loved the taste of this tea. Whether it's hot or cold, it's amazing. The fennel in the tea was beneficial and even aided in helping me recover from the flu.

Peri Bottle
Tyra Customer
Peri Bottle Review

This has to be one of the best inventions ever! I mean after giving birth its fairly difficult and hard because your mobility isn't the same for those first few weeks. This product was and is extremely convenient in aiding with keeping your area down there clean. It helped so much with my recovery and the healing of my stitches.

Postpartum Care 'Bits Drops'
Tyra Customer
Bits Drops

This product was practically a life saver after I had given birth naturally. It helped with inflammation and the trauma which I had experienced. Its convenient and fairly easy to use. It's all natural as well which was so pleasing to hear seeing that I had gone the breastfeeding route. It definitely came in handy

Sleepy Soak
Tyra Customer
Sleepy Soak Review

Upon using this product for the first time I noticed that it had essential benefits. It left my baby and I feeling extremely relaxed and at ease. My skin felt amazing and so clean and refreshed. I felt like a whole new person. Definitely an item I would suggest purchasing especially if you're a mom who needs a break, or a soak after a long day or even if you're pregnant, its pregnancy safe as well which is just awesome.

Master Greens Cleansing Powder

Bloating decreased and I have an extra boost of energy! I mix it with a smoothie and I can't taste it at all (some spirulina/moringa products have a pungent taste, but this one has no profound taste!)

Has supported my Insulin Resis PCOS

I have struggled wit insulin resistance PCOS for years. This bundle has changed my life!!

Reduced my stretch marks!!

This is a must before and after you give birth. I have been using it since I was 5 months pregnant as I am prone to stretch marks and has helped tremendously!

Amethyst Gua Sha
Nadia Parker
Face is glowing

My skin is glowing. I use this gua sha 3 times a week and it has reduced my puffiness and my skin is looking snatched

Lion's Mane
Cam Parker
Memory so much sharper + no more brain fog!!

I started taking Lion's Mane capsules 3 months ago and can't believe how much sharper I am. I came off the pill last year and experienced so much brain fog which has almost completely gone. This has also helped my anxiety so much

The best product for treating and reducing ALL mypms symptoms naturally!

Fabulous Experience

Thank you so much for the excellent service, I love the product and really enjoyed the whole shopping experience!

Menopause Balance
Tania Rowe-Roberts
Kiko Vitals Menopause Balance

I received my beautifully packaged Kiko Vital Menopause Balance. From ordering online to day of delivery, it was seamless. The website is full of information and you can clearly see that Auraro really knows her products. I started taking the tablets yesterday and after a month a will give a full review.
Would highly recommend to order from Aurora Wellbeing. Support small women owned businesses.