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Period Sex by PLEASE

Our friends at Please Sex, spill the tea on period sex.

Let's talk about period sex. Yes, we said it: sex while you’re on your period. For some, it’s a ‘hard no', for others, it’s a ‘don’t knock it till you try it’, and for the enlightened, it’s just an extra week of sex or even another way to spice things up. And to be fair, each to their own, there’s no rights or wrongs here. But what we will say, is when it comes to pleasure and emotion, as with everything really, we encourage you to make decisions from an informed point of view. So, grab a cup because we’re diving in and spilling a couple myths and the many benefits within this delightful world of period sex. First up. Let’s bust these myths

Myth No. 1. It’s Unhygienic

This is absolutely not true. Menstrual blood is just blood mixed with uterine lining and vaginal secretions. As long as you maintain regular hygiene, period sex is no more unclean than any other sex.

Myth No. 2. You can’t get pregnant

While it's less likely, it’s not impossible. Sperm can live in the body for up to five days, and if you have a shorter cycle, you might ovulate soon after your period ends. So, if you’re not ready, consider protection.

Like we said, there were only really a couple of myths, and now that they’re busted we can move on to all the perks.

1. Natural Lubrication
Believe it or not, menstrual blood acts as a natural lubricant, which as most of us know by now, can make sex way smoother and way more comfortable. Lube is a huge yes from us, always.

2. Pain Relief
Orgasms can actually help alleviate those excruciating cramps. The release of endorphins during climax acts as a natural painkiller. So, having sex might just be the most fun way to deal with period pain.

3. Heightened Sensitivity
Many people report feeling more aroused and even more sensitive during their period. Hormonal changes can increase blood flow to the pelvic area, which only enhances sensations.

4. Stronger Connections
Engaging in period sex can be a sign of trust and intimacy in your relationship. It shows that you and your partner are comfortable with each other’s bodies in all their natural states.

Let’s talk about the nitty gritty now. The practicalities of period sex. Here are some tips

1. Preparation is Key
You might want to lay down a dark towel to catch any blood and have wet wipes or a warm washcloth handy for a quick clean-up afterwards. We recommend intimate wipes for this. The Pleasure is All Mine. This keeps the mess manageable and ensures a smooth transition back to cuddle mode.

2. Consider your Positions
Certain positions, like missionary or spooning, can be a lot more comfortable and less messy. Gravity is your friend here.

3. Use Protection
If you’re not trying to conceive or want to protect against STIs, don’t forget the condom. Latex isn’t afraid of a little blood. We’ve got the perfect pack for you. Come Connected.

4. Communicate
Keep the lines of communication open and flowing with your partner. Make sure both of you are comfortable and consensual. See what works, what feels good and comfortable. If either of you feels uneasy, it’s okay to skip the sex and enjoy other forms of intimacy.

5. Post-Sex Cleanup
A quick trip to the bathroom can help you clean up and prevent any potential infections. Peeing after sex is always a good idea, period or not. We love a quick rinse post sex.

Embracing the Flow

In the end, whether or not to have period sex is a totally personal choice. If you’re curious, don’t let societal taboos hold you back. It’s your body and your pleasure. The more comfortable and informed you are, the better your sexual experiences will be, regardless of what time of the month it is.
So, next time you’re on your period and feeling frisky, remember: the flow doesn’t have to stop the fun. Embrace it, enjoy it, and most importantly, make it work for you. Period.

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